List of Forgotten Realms Nations - Chessenta

Capital Cimbar
Government City-states
Ruler none
Population 3,390,000 (est.)
Races Humans, halflings, dwarves, half-orcs, lizardfolk

Chessenta is a country of individual city-states, modelled after Ancient Greece. Apart from the most affluent city of Cimbar, an important town is Luthcheq. Its approximately 3,400,000 inhabitants are mostly humans, with halfling, dwarven, half-orc, and lizardfolk enclaves.

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... The rebellion was successful and Chessenta seceded from Unther to form its own nation that still exists to this day (albeit, in a fractured form) ... by Tiamat and he materialized over the bay of Chessenta in the midst of a naval battle between the cities of Cimbar and Soorenar ... He flew off to drive out or destroy all of the dracoliches in Chessenta before forcefully installing himself as Sceptenar of Cimbar ...
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