List of Football Clubs in The Czech Republic

List Of Football Clubs In The Czech Republic

This is a list of teams in the Czech Republic Football Leagues. As of 2012/13 season (levels 1-4).

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List Of Football Clubs In The Czech Republic - Fifth Level - Regional Championship-krajský Přebor - Moravskoslezský Kraj (Moravia-Silesian Region)
... Information correct at 14 August 2011 ... FK Bohumín FC IRP Český Těšín SK Dětmarovice EPO Frenštát pod Radhoštěm 1.BFK Frýdlant nad Ostravicí TJ Háj ve Slezsku TJ Hradec nad Moravicí TJ Sokol Jakartovice FC Janovice MFK Karviná B SK Moravan Oldřišov FC Odra Petřkovice FK SK Polanka Fotbal Poruba 2004 Sport-Club Pustá Polom Jiskra Rýmařov ...

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