List of File Systems - Distributed File Systems - Distributed Parallel Fault-tolerant File Systems

Distributed Parallel Fault-tolerant File Systems

Distributed file systems, which also are parallel and fault tolerant, stripe and replicate data over multiple servers for high performance and to maintain data integrity. Even if a server fails no data is lost. The file systems are used in both high-performance computing (HPC) and high-availability clusters.

All file systems listed here focus on high availability, scalability and high performance unless otherwise stated below.

Name By License OS Description
Ceph Inktank LGPL Linux A massively scalable object store. Ceph was merged into the linux kernel in 2010. Ceph’s foundation is the Reliable Autonomic Distributed Object Store (RADOS), which provides object storage via programmatic interface and S3 or Swift REST APIs, block storage to QEMU/KVM/Linux hosts, and POSIX filesystem storage which can be mounted by linux kernel and FUSE clients.
CloudStore Kosmix Apache License 2.0 Google File System workalike
Cosmos Microsoft internal Focuses on fault tolerance, high throughput and scalability. Designed for terabyte and petabyte sized data sets and processing with Dryad.
dCache DESY and others A write once filesystem, accessible via various protocols
ExaFS Exanet proprietary software Distributed file system, runs as part of ExaStore, a Linux based NAS solution that runs on commodity Intel based hardware, serving NFS v2/v3, SMB/CIFS and AFP to Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other UNIX clients.
FS-Manager CDNetworks proprietary software Linux Focused on Content Delivery Network
Gfarm file system X11 License Linux, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD and Solaris Uses OpenLDAP or PostgreSQL for metadata and FUSE or LUFS for mounting
General Parallel File System (GPFS) IBM proprietary AIX, Linux and Windows Support replication between attached block storage. Symmetric or asymmetric (configurable)
GlusterFS Gluster, a company acquired by Red Hat GNU General Public License v3 A general purpose distributed file system for scalable storage. It aggregates various storage bricks over Infiniband RDMA or TCP/IP interconnect into one large parallel network file system. GlusterFS is the main component in Red Hat Storage Server.
Google File System (GFS) Google Google App Engine Focus on fault tolerance, high throughput and scalability
IBRIX Fusion IBRIX proprietary software Linux
Lustre originally developed by Cluster File Systems and currently supported by Intel (formerly Whamcloud) GPL Linux A POSIX-compliant, high-performance filesystem. Lustre has high availability via storage failover
MogileFS Danga Interactive GPL Linux (but may be ported) Is not POSIX compliant, uses a flat namespace, application level, uses MySQL or Postgres for metadata and HTTP for transport.
OneFS distributed file system Isilon BSD based OS on dedicated Intel based hardware, serving NFS v3 and SMB/CIFS to Windows, Mac OS, Linux and other UNIX clients under a proprietary software
Panasas ActiveScale File System (PanFS) Panasas proprietary software Linux Uses object storage devices
PeerFS Radiant Data Corporation proprietary software Linux Focus on high availability and high performance and uses peer-to-peer replication with multiple sources and targets
TerraGrid Cluster File System Terrascale Technologies Inc proprietary software Linux Implements on demand cache coherency and uses industrial standard iSCSI and a modified version of the XFS file system
XtreemFS open-source (GPL) cross-platform file system for wide area networks. It replicates the data for fault tolerance and caches metadata and data to improve performance over high-latency links. SSL and X.509 certificates support makes XtreemFS usable over public networks. It also supports Striping for usage in a cluster.
Chiron FS is a fuse-based, transparent replication file system, layering on an existing file system and implementing at the file system level what RAID 1 does at the device level. A notably convenient consequence is the possibility of picking single target directories, without the need of replicating entire partitions. (The project has no visible activity after 2008, a status request in Oct. 2009 in the chironfs-forum is unanswered)

In development:

  • PlasmaFS is a free and open-source (GPL) userspace filesystem focusing on data safety and security. PlasmaFS provides a transactional API which is accessible over a SunRPC-based protocol. PlasmaFS can also be mounted as NFS volume, and is POSIX-compliant. Both data and metadata are replicated.
  • WebDFS An Open Source scalable, decentralized file store similar to MogileFS in function and purpose. Uses HTTP as the transport. Data is automatically and optimally re-arranged to accommodate the addition of new resources. The lack of central meta data management greatly simplifies deployment and use.
  • zFS from IBM (not to be confused with ZFS from Sun Microsystems or the zFS file system provided with IBM's z/OS operating system) focus on cooperative cache and distributed transactions and uses object storage devices. Under development and not freely available.
  • Hadoop Distributed File System - free GoogleFS clone produced by Apache.
  • HAMMER/ANVIL by Matt Dillon
  • OASIS from ETRI. Very similar to the Lustre or Panasas. Available for Linux via. special technology transfer program provided by ETRI.
  • GLORY-FS also from ETRI. Very similar to the Google File System or Hadoop, but it is fully POSIX compliant. It is specially optimized for large-scale web 2.0 content services. Version 2.5 is available for Linux via. special technology transfer program provided by ETRI. Windows version is under development.
  • parallax
  • PNFS (Parallel NFS) - Clients available for Linux and OpenSolaris and back-ends from NetApp, Panasas, EMC Highroad and IBM GPFS
  • Coherent Remote File System (CRFS) - requires Btrfs
  • Parallel Optimized Host Message Exchange Layered File System (POHMELFS) and Distributed STorage (DST). POSIX compliant, added to Linux kernel 2.6.30
  • Sector from National Center for Data Mining. Sector is a high performance, scalable, and secure distributed file system. Available under Apache License 2.0
  • StarFS from CDNetworks. The StarFS is a global storage platform which supports virtualization of distributed file system and event-driven file synchronization with remote StarFS clusters.
  • Unilium provides a decentralized, versioning file system stored in content addressable storage, whose data may be hosted across heterogeneous data storage nodes.

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