List of Feminist Rhetoricians - Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger

(1879–1966) Sanger was a women's activist in regard to birth control. She was the founder of what is now Planned Parenthood (originally called the American Birth Control League).

  • "Letter to the Readers of The Woman Rebel" (1914)

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Margaret Sanger Clinic
... The Margaret Sanger Clinic is a building at 17 West 16th Street, New York City, (Edward Mesier, architect, 1846) which housed the Clinical Research Bureau, where Margaret Sanger and her successors provided ... Margaret Sanger whose close friend Otto Bobsein is credited with first using the term "birth control" in 1914, had over 30 nurses assisting patients and training other ...
List Of Female Rhetoricians - Twentieth Century - Margaret Sanger (1879-1966)
... Margaret Sanger was the founder of the American Birth Control League (currently called Planned Parenthood), a birth control activist, and an advocate of certain aspects of eugenics ... Sanger eventually gained support of the public and courts for ideas giving women the right to decide when and how she will bear children even though the public and courts were fiercely opposed to them at first ... Margaret Sanger was instrumental in opening the way to universal access to birth control ...
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... In October, Margaret Ives Abbott, Pauline Whittier, and Daria Pratt won the Women's 9 Hole Golf 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively ... Margaret Sanger was an influential campaigner for birth control rights in the 1910s ... In 1914, Sanger's articles in "The Woman Radical" brought her a federal indictment for violating the Comstock Act (which since 1873 had banned birth ...
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1911 or 1912, based on a series of articles Sanger published in 1911 in the New York Call, which were, in turn, based on a set of lectures Sanger gave to groups of Socialist party ... Birth Control — 1921, text of a debate between Sanger, Theodore Roosevelt, Winter Russell, George Bernard Shaw, Robert L ... Sanger was publisher and editor ...

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    When she asked him about birth control, he sat down beside her and talked for half an hour about what a great woman Margaret Sanger was and how birthcontrol was the greatest single blessing to mankind since the invention of fire.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)