List of Feminist Rhetoricians - Hortensia


  • "Letter I. Heloise to Abelard" (1132)

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... de las Nieves as Dulce Amado - Great-aunt of Rosita, mother of Diosdado and Hortensia Rosalinda Rodríguez as Hortensia Amado - Mother of Azucena and aunt of Rosita, in love with ... as Anacleto - Worker at Remington factory, in love with Hortensia, then with Eulalia Carmen Olivares as Carmen - Friend of Hortensia Bernhard Seifert as Eduardo - Employee at Remington factory (Kille ...
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... Hortensia (orator), a Roman woman who successfully repealed a tax imposed by the Second Triumvirate in 42 BC Hortensia Bussi, also known as Hortensia Allende, widow of ...
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... In Roman law, Lex Hortensia (284 BC) was the final result of the long class struggle between patricians and plebeians, where the plebeians would periodically secede from the city in protest (secessio ... working with the Senate, make the Lex Hortensia a stage in the development of Senatorial domination in the State ... The Lex Hortensia contained similar stipulations of the two earlier laws, the Lex Valeria-Horatia of 449 BC and Lex Publica ut plebei scita omnes quirites tenerent of 339 BC ...