List of Father of The Pride Episodes - Season 1

Season 1

Episode Title Director Writer(s) Original airdate
1 "Original Pilot" John Stevenson Jonathan Groff Unaired

When Sarmoti accidentally makes a mistake on the show while trying to improve his act, Siegfried and Roy decide it is time for him to retire. Larry and Kate do not know how to tell Sarmoti that he has been replaced. Larry asks Snack to help him and the two visit Siegfried and Roy to try and convince them to keep Sarmoti in the show. However things go wrong and Larry becomes the lead lion. Later, after Larry finally tells Sarmoti he got fired, the two start fighting with each other, Siegfried and Roy decide to move him in with Larry and Kate as they mistake Larry and Sarmoti's fighting as love, much to Larry and Sarmoti's dismay.

Note: This episode was not aired on US television.
2 "Sarmoti Moves In" Mark Risley Cheryl Holliday December 28, 2004
Sarmoti is moving in to Larry and Kate's place, and he brings his stuffed zebra from Africa. After a while they both get annoyed and frustrated with him. Kate snaps and tears up Sarmoti's zebra. When she realises what she has done, she and Larry go to The Watering Hole in order to find a new zebra. Meanwhile Snack throws a party at Chutney's place, Chutney finds out and wants Snack to pay for the damages. Snack makes a behind the scenes movie of Vegas in order to make money. Kate and Larry invite the zebra back to their place but they couldn't go through with killing him.
3 "Catnip And Trust" John Holmquist Robert Cohen September 14, 2004
Larry and Kate are concerned about Sierra's education and want to get her into a private school. They find catnip in Sierra's bedroom and confront her about it, Sierra rejects that it is hers. In spite she sneaks out of the house and goes to the rave, Larry and Kate attempt to find her and go to the rave where they eat some "catnip" sausages. Returning home they soon feel the effects of the catnip. An interviewer from the private school comes to the house.
4 "What's Black, White And Depressed All Over?" Bret Haaland Peter Mehlman August 31, 2004
In a quest to make a new panda breeding program Siegfried and Roy import a male panda, Nelson. Larry and Kate try to set him up with Kate's romantically challenged friend Foo-Lin. Things go wrong when Kate comforts Nelson and he falls in love with her. Sick of it all, Sarmoti sets them straight.
5 "Larry's Debut And Sweet Darryl Hannah Too" Bret Haaland Ron Weiner September 7, 2004
Larry is looking forward for his début on the show but when he finds out that he will be performing on live TV he gets nervous. Sarmoti tries to help him out because ever since he made a mistake on TV, Seigfried and Roy have used Blake on their TV spots. Larry fails to perform the trick Seigfried and Roy have prepared. Seigfried and Roy decide to use Blake instead. Sarmoti continues to watch his mistake on the tape he has. He notices that Blake tripped him. He then investigates and finds out the Blake foiled Larry's attempt earlier. Sarmoti and Larry plan their revenge on Blake.
6 "And the Revolution Continues" Mark Baldo
Mark Risley
Vanessa McCarthy September 28, 2004
Larry, Kate and Sierra go with Siegfried and Roy to a restaurant. There, Sierra meets a Lobster named Emerson who is political and a environmentalist like her. Larry takes Emerson and brings him home in order to make Sierra like him again and they start making protest signs and whatnot. Siegfried and Roy are looking forward to the arrival of Barbara Striesand. Emerson starts a rally and one night the chanting they're making in the house wakes Larry up he says enough and decides to throw Emerson out. Meanwhile, Kate is making Sarmoti hang out with Hunter, but he doesn't really want to. When his girlfriend is about to leave him, he makes up a lie that he takes care of Hunter and that Hunter's parents ran off. Larry and Sierra throw Emerson in the Mirage aquarium, but when Barbara Streisand sees him in there, she demands to have him for dinner. Larry and Snack make a plan to save Emerson seen as Siegfried and Roy are bringing Larry to meet Barbara. He saves Emerson after a fight with Barbara and they quickly leave. On their way home, when Emerson won't thank Larry, Sierra realizes how arrogant he really is and throws him down a drain in anger.
7 "The Thanksgiving Episode" John Puglisi David R. Goodman
Glasgow Phillips
December 28, 2004
Kate wants to become PTA president but when she accidentally says that all the turkeys look alike, everyone thinks she's a racist. Larry decides to invite the turkeys over for dinner for their anti-thanksgiving feast that they have. Sarmoti has no respect for the turkeys and when his grandfather's pocket watch goes missing he blames them. Meanwhile Snack is caught sneaking around Siegfried and Roy's place and Siegfried makes him his new pet. The dinner is going good until Victoria, who is running opposite Kate for PTA president throws a big party. All the turkeys leave their place and go to the party. Snack is enjoying being Siegfried's new pet but when he finds a rabbit eating in the kitchen who says he's Siegfried's new pet Snack gets upset. When election day comes Kate and Larry find out that a turkey actually did take Sarmoti's watch. Kate goes on with the election but can't take it anymore and tells everyone that Stan the turkey stole her father's watch. The turkeys are actually happy that Kate said something because Stan has being ripping people off for years; so everyone votes for Kate as president.
8 "One Man's Meat Is Another Man's Girlfriend" Steve Hickner
Mike deSeve
Mike Barker
Matt Weitzman
October 26, 2004
Siegfried and Roy put Larry on a diet, no meat. Larry starts to hallucinate, people and items turn into food - including Snacks new girlfriend, candy. Candy dumps Snack without telling him, instead she tells Larry. Snack returns and believes that due to Larry had eaten her, Larry does the honourable thing and tells Snack that he had eaten her in order to spare his feelings. Sarmoti and Sierra play a game of poker.
9 "Donkey" John Holmquist Vanessa McCarthy September 21, 2004

This episode is a cross-over episode with Shrek. The character "Donkey" is in town filming a commercial and all the animals in the enclosure come out to see him. Career day is coming up and Hunter doesn't want his dad to come to school however he comes into school and says that he knows Donkey in order to make himself sound cool. Larry confronts Donkey and asks him to visits Hunter's school however his manager says no. Larry and Sarmotti kidnap Donkey's stunt double, mistaking him for Donkey. Larry takes Donkey's stunt double to the school, which turns out to be a disaster once the kids find out. Donkey makes an appearance saving the day and reputation of Larry and Hunter.

Siegfried and Roy file a complaint with the Bed and Breakfast that has replaced the Applebees. They stage a protest against the Bed and Breakfast, which leads to Siegfried having sex with the owner. They take it over the and turn it into a casino, "saving" Las Vegas.
10 "Possession" John Wayne Stevenson Ron Weiner October 12, 2004
Larry is against going to the Tiger's party, however Kate convinces him to go after she talks about the relationship. Hunter is listening to "suicidal" music. Kate and Larry arrive at the party only to have the Tigers brag about their home. Kate gets upset after Larry refuses to try new things. Sarmotti sees Hunter being picked on by a antelope, so he teaches Hunter how to be a Lion. Larry steals the Tiger's television in order to surprise Kate, which pleases her after the Tiger visits the house. Hunter and the Antelope fight with help from Sarmotti's training. Hunter becomes trance-like and begins to attack other animals. The Tigers hold a neighborhood watch meeting and make Larry the head of the council. Kate and Larry continue to steal more items. Siegfried and Roy leave Kate and Larry a gift and the neighborhood watch team find the television.
11 "Road Trip" Steve Hickner
Mark Risley
Jon Pollack December 28, 2004
The episode opens with the caption "Kate and Larry's Anniversary One Year Ago". Larry brings home a Jimi Hendrix wig as he had forgotten about the anniversary, he promises that he would never forget the anniversary again. One year later, Larry holds a party in honour of Jimi Hendrix and leaves Kate a note asking her to meet him at the watering hole, where the party is taking place. Larry soon remembers about the anniversary and gets home quickly to apologize. Kate leaves with Siegfried and Roy and goes to Little Bavaria and Larry attempts to escape the compound. Sarmotti shows Larry an escape hole and they both leave the compound. Meanwhile Siegfried and Roy host a party for both Lions, Tigers and Cheetahs. Kate talks to a Jaguar and parties with him. Larry hires a Coyote to help find the way to Little Bavaria, which turns out to be a disaster as the Coyote looses the way. The three accidental stumble across a poisonous snake nest, Sarmotti is bitten and Larry has to suck out the poison. The three find their way to Little Bavaria and Kate and Larry make up.
12 "Rehabilitation" Mark Risley Jon Ross December 21, 2004
After a show Larry complains that he is not spending enough time with Kate and the family, Siegfried and Roy push Larry too hard and he injures himself during practice. Larry confesses to Snack that he has been faking his injuries. Sarmotti eats Larry's pain killers and it changes his mood for the better. Snack eats the rest of the painkillers and Sarmotti's mood returns to bad. Larry returns to the medical centre and steals more of the medicated meatballs, Sarmotti discovers what Larry is doing and fights with him in the medical centre. Siegfried and Roy think that the two Lions have a problems with drugs so they take the Lions to a rehab centre. In the centre, Siegfried and Roy open a bottle of wine, which attracts the attention of recovering alcoholics. Sarmotti and Larry return home and Larry apologizes for what he said during their time in rehab.
13 "Stage Fright" John Holmquist
John Wayne Stevenson
Jonathan Groff May 22, 2005
May 27, 2005

When Sarmoti accidentally makes a mistake on the show while trying to improve his act, Siegfried and Roy decide it is time for him to retire. Larry and Kate do not know how to tell Sarmoti that he has been replaced. Larry asks Snack to help him and the two visit Siegfried and Roy to try and convince them to keep Sarmoti in the show. However things go wrong and Larry becomes the lead lion. Later, after Larry finally tells Sarmoti he got fired, Siegfried and Roy decide to move him in with Larry and Kate.

Note: This was the last episode broadacast on US television.
14 "The Siegfried and Roy Fantasy Experience Movie" Bret Haaland
John Wayne Stevenson
David R. Goodman
Glasgow Phillips
May 29, 2005

Siegfried and Roy declare a code red emergency as a bulb has gone out on one of their billboards. The two discover that there is another magician in Vegas. Larry hosts a party with his friend to watch a movie. Kate goes out. Siegfried and Roy make a plan to watch these new magicians and go undercover. Kate and Foo-lin go out to a woman's group. Meanwhile, Larry has his own emergency when he cannot find the remote control for the TV. Siegfried and Roy re-invent themselves by making a movie and hire the director, Martin Scorsese. The next night Kate re-visits the group in order to become more in contact with her hunting skills. Siegfried and Roy are filming their movie and fire the director due to creative differences, Siegfried decides to direct the movie. Kate's class continues and she is learning more and more about being an individual. Siegfried begins to find fault with the new director and costumes. He leaves the set and Roy must find a new actor to play the role. Kate can't spend time with Larry and laughs at him when he tells Kate that she cannot go. Siegfried auditions for the role Siegfried in the movie. Larry confronts the women's group and tells the women to give his wife back. Kate ensures Larry that she still loves him although she is growing as a person.

Note: This episode was not aired on US television.
15 "The Lost Tale" John Holmquist
John Wayne Stevenson
Jonathan Groff Unaired

Siegfried and Roy are having a sculpture made of them out of cheese. Siegfried and Roy are sad that they cannot remember if they had done the show or not, so they decide to change it. It is Hunter's 10th birthday party and Kate is displeased by Larry's efforts at planning the party. Larry buys the children rum cake. Jessica Simpson agrees to appear in Siegfried and Roy's show with her own film crew M.T.V., B.E.T. and Shanghai Live. Siegfried and Roy decide to build a 100ft robot of Jessica Simpson and make it the centre of their show. Sarmotti's date complains about paying the bill and she is confronted by the leader of Kate's woman group. Larry gives Hunter a special birthday gift. Jessica questions Siegfried and Roy's "secret" garden, and they question keeping her in the act. Snack gets Larry a "Dog" which he refuses as it is a rat. Siegfried and Roy confront a helicopter driver when he trespasses on their property. Hunter is practising for when he gets a puppy, Larry returns home with Jessica Simpson's dog. Jessica Simpson finds out that her dog is missing and blames the Lions. Siegfried and Roy are discouraged after Jessica Simpson drops out of the show however still have time to get her back. Larry tells Hunter that his dog is stolen and that it has to go back. Jessica allows the statue to be used.

Note: This episode was never broadcast on US television nor animated. It appears on the DVD as story-boarded with sound.

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