List of ETH Zurich People - Other Fields

Other Fields

  • Jacob Burckhardt, historian (Professor at the ETH)
  • Rudolf Clausius, physicist (student of the ETH)
  • François Diederich, chemist (Professor at the ETH)
  • Paul Feyerabend, philosopher (Professor at the ETH)
  • Kenneth Hsu, geologist (Professor at the ETH, received Wollaston Medal in 1984)
  • Augusto Gansser, geologist (Professor at the ETH, received Wollaston Medal in 1980)
  • Rudolf Trumpy, geologist (Professor at the ETH, received Wollaston Medal in 2002)
  • Carl Gustav Jung, psychologist, (Professor at the ETH)
  • Carlos Kleiber, (orchestral conductor), (studied chemistry at the ETH)
  • Robert Oppenheimer, physicist (worked with Wolfgang Pauli)
  • Auguste Piccard, physicist, inventor, explorer (student of the ETH, Professor at the ETH)
  • Roland Scholl, chemist (studied chemistry at the ETH)
  • Valentine Telegdi, physicist (student of the ETH, Professor at the ETH, received the Wolf Prize in 1991)
  • Kārlis Ulmanis, politician (student of the ETH)
  • Lutz Wingert, philosopher, (Professor at the ETH)
  • Niklaus Wirth, computer scientist (Professor at the ETH since 1968, received the Turing Award in 1984)
  • Fritz Zwicky, astronomer, (student of ETH, received the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1972)

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