List of Empires - Possible Empires

Possible Empires

These governments and confederations have sometimes referred to as "empires". Some did not fit the modern definition of empire (the Delian League), others were self-proclaimed by their first and often last ruler, and others were efforts to turn an existing government into an empire, which failed.

"Empire" Origin Capital From To Duration Note
Athenian Empire (Delian League) Ancient Greece Delos island -9522-01-01478 BC -9596-01-01404 BC 74 Also known as Delian League. It was an association of Greek city-states.
Second Athenian Empire Ancient Greece Athens -9622-01-01378 BC -9645-01-01355 BC 23 Second Athenian Empire, headed by Athens primarily for self-defense against the growth of Sparta and the Persian Empire.
Central African Empire Central African Republic Bangui 01976-01-011976 01979-01-011979 3 President Jean-Bédel Bokassa declared himself Emperor Bokassa I.
Empire of China China Beijing 01915-01-011915 01916-01-011916 1 Was a short-lived attempt by Yuan Shikai to reinstate the Imperial Monarchy.
Empire of Haiti North America Port-au-Prince 01804-01-011804 01806-01-011806 2

First Haitian Empire, Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared himself Emperor Jacques I.

Empire of Haiti North America Port-au-Prince 01849-01-011849 01859-01-011859 10

Second Haitian Empire, Faustin Soulouque is proclaimed Emperor Faustin I.

Grand Duchy of Lithuania Lithuania Vilnius 01200-01-011200+ 01569-01-011569 369 Was the largest state in Europe in the 15th century.
Empire of Trebizond Black Sea Trebizond 01204-01-011204 01461-01-011461 257 Successor state of the Byzantine Empire.
Tu'i Tonga Empire Tonga, Pacific Ocean Mu'a 00900-01-01900 01700-01-011700 800 See History of Tonga.
Ur III Empire Sumer Ur -7900-01-012100 BC -8000-01-012000 BC 100 The dynasty/empire is also known as the Sumerian Renaissance.
Empire of Vietnam Vietnam Huế 01945-01-011945 01945-01-011945 0.45 Was a short-lived Puppet state of the Japanese Empire, from March 11 - August 23.
Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Poland, Lithuania Warsaw, Vilnius 01569-01-011569 01795-01-011795 226 Was formed by the Union of Lublin in 1569, between the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

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