List of Emerging Technologies - IT and Communications

IT and Communications

Emerging technology Status Potentially marginalized technologies Potential applications Related articles
4G cellular communication First commercial LTE networks deployed in Sweden December 2009; candidate systems LTE-advanced and IEEE 802.16m (Mobile WiMAX Release 2) in development broadband Pervasive computing Mobile broadband, mobile TV, Interactive TV, 3D-TV, holographic cameras
Ambient intelligence Theory
Artificial brain Research Neurological disease's treatments, artificial intelligence Blue Brain Project
Artificial intelligence Theory, experiments; limited uses in specialized domains Human decision, analysis, etc. Creating intelligent devices Progress in artificial intelligence, technological singularity, applications of artificial intelligence
Atomtronics Theory
Augmented Reality diffusion
Emerging memory technologies T-RAM, Z-RAM, TTRAM, CBRAM, SONOS, RRAM, Racetrack memory, NRAM, Millipede memory In development Current memory technologies
Fourth-generation optical discs (3D optical data storage, Holographic data storage) Research, prototyping All other mass storage methods/devices, magnetic tape data storage, optical data storage Storing and archiving data previously erased for economic reasons Holographic Disc stores Ultra HD big Electronic IT companies are interested in this technology it has bigger capacity than Blu-ray Disc 10x times more than optical storage
General-purpose computing on graphics processing units Diffusion of non standardized methods CPU for a few specialized uses Order of magnitude faster processing of parallelizable algorithms
Machine augmented cognition, exocortices Diffusion of primitive amplifications; working prototypes of more; theory, experiments on more substantial amplification Libraries, schools, training, pocket calculators
Machine translation Diffusion Human translation of natural languages, in areas where misunderstanding is non-critical and language is formalized Easier and cheaper cross-cultural communication
Machine vision Research, prototyping, commercialization Biotic vision and perception, including humans Biometrics, controlling processes (e.g., in driverless car, automated guided vehicle), detecting events (e.g., in visual surveillance), interaction (e.g., in human-computer interaction), robot vision Computer vision, pattern recognition, digital image processing
Mobile collaboration Development, commercialization Traditional video-conferencing systems Extends the capabilities of video conferencing for use on hand-held mobile devices in real-time over secure networks. For use in diverse industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare.
Optical computing Theory, experiments; some components of integrated circuits have been developed Many electronics devices, integrated circuits Smaller, faster, lower power consuming computing
Quantum computing Theory, experiments, commercialization Atomtronics,
Electronic computing, optical computing, quantum clock
Much faster computing, for some kinds of problems, chemical modeling, new materials with programmed properties, theory of high-temperature superconductivity and superfluidity
Quantum cryptography Commercialization Secure communications
Radio-frequency identification Diffusion of high cost Barcode Smartstores - RFID based self checkout (keeping track of all incoming and outgoing products), food packaging, smart shelves, smart carts. See: potential uses
Semantic Web or answer machine Theory, research Search engines Making the web machine-readable by annotating data on the web based on its meaning
Speech recognition Research,Development,Commercialization Mechanical input devices
Teledildonics Diffusion Conventional sex toys Remote intercourse
Three-dimensional integrated circuit Development, commercialization Conventional integrated circuit
Virtual Reality diffusion Television Entertainment, education

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