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EastEnders Family Album was a special documentary which first aired on 13 February 2000 to coincide with the 15th anniversary of EastEnders. Narrated by Wendy Richard (Pauline Fowler), the documentary looked back at some of the most memorable storylines and characters in the show and featured interviews with past and present cast members.

EastEnders: The Whole Truth was a series of five documentary episodes, three pre-recorded and two live, broadcast every day from 2–6 April 2001, presented by Gaby Roslin. The first three, pre-recorded episodes were broadcast at 12:00pm, whereas the two live episodes were broadcast before the main EastEnders shows on those days. EastEnders: The Whole Truth examined the "Who Shot Phil?" storyline, including interviews with several cast members. Episode 5 was broadcast before the assailant, Lisa Fowler, was revealed to the public, and episode 6 gauged the reaction the following evening.

A-Z of EastEnders was a documentary broadcast on the twentieth anniversary of EastEnders in 2005 and presented by Jonathan Ross.

Since 1 December 2006, a new breed of behind-the-scenes programmes have been broadcast on BBC Three. These are all documentaries related to current storylines in EastEnders, in a similar format to EastEnders Revealed, though not using the EastEnders Revealed name. The include clips from the series and interviews with the show's cast and crew as well as TV critics such as Sharon Marshall. Documentaries have included:

  • EastEnders Unveiled: A Weddings Special, 1 December 2006, giving an insight into how the show's weddings are produced, and took a look at the past weddings of Walford. It was broadcast straight after the wedding of Ian Beale and Jane Collins.
  • EastEnders Sweethearts: The Story of Martin and Sonia, on 2 February 2007, following the departure of Martin and Sonia Fowler.
  • EastEnders Scandals: The Wicks Family, 9 March 2007, coinciding with Kevin Wicks's return to Walford.
  • EastEnders Feuds: The Beales vs. The Mitchells, 18 May 2007, examining the feud between Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell and going behind the scenes of episodes broadcast on 17–21 May.
  • EastEnders Vixens: The Rise and Fall of Stella, 20 July 2007, following the death of Stella Crawford and looking at the various female characters in EastEnders past and present.
  • EastEnders Affairs: Max and Stacey, 1 November 2007, looking at the relationship between characters Stacey Slater, her fiancé Bradley Branning and his father Max Branning.
  • EastEnders Christmas Fall Outs, 26 December 2007, looking back at Christmas episodes and going behind the scenes of 2007's Christmas episodes.
  • EastEnders Ricky and Bianca, 4 April 2008, constructed in aid of the return to EastEnders by Ricky Butcher (Sid Owen) and Bianca Jackson (Patsy Palmer), looking back on the relationship of the two characters.
  • EastEnders: Whodunnits, 31 October 2008, showing infamous whodunnit storylines such as the murder of Reg Cox.
  • EastEnders: Comebacks, 31 December 2008, celebrating the return of Nick Cotton.
  • EastEnders: The Return of Sam Mitchell, 11 September 2009, in conjunction with the return of character Sam Mitchell, played by Danniella Westbrook.
  • EastEnders: The Two Faces of Lucas, 26 November 2009, looks at the character of Lucas Johnson, played by Don Gilet, as well as other characters who have had a "turning point" in their storyline.
  • EastEnders: The Greatest Cliffhangers, a three-part series on BBC Three, featuring 100 cliffhangers from the first 3918 episodes to find out which character had the most endings. It aired as part of the show's 25th anniversary celebrations. The first part aired on 26 January 2010, the second on 2 February 2010 and the third on 16 February 2010. The character turned out to be Phil Mitchell.
  • EastEnders Live: The Aftermath, 19 February 2010, a special show hosted by George Lamb after the show's first live episode on the 25th anniversary.
  • EastEnders: Christian and Syed, 26 April 2010, following the reveal of Syed Masood's affair with Christian Clarke and the departure of his wife Amira. The programme also looked at other gay, lesbian and bisexual characters from EastEnders' history.
  • EastEnders: The Murders of Lucas Johnson, 30 July 2010, looked at the story of Lucas Johnson and other character deaths from EastEnders' history.
  • Peggy Mitchell - Queen of the Vic, 10 September 2010, looked at ten moments from Peggy Mitchell's time in the show. The episode was broadcast on BBC One following Peggy's departure.
  • EastEnders: Kat and Alfie's Return, 24 September 2010, followed the return of Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace as Alfie and Kat Moon. It looked at their history as well as Kat's family, the Slaters, and also went behind the scenes of the fire at The Queen Victoria.
  • EastEnders: The Greatest Weddings, 11 and 12 November 2010, a two-part documentary counting down the top 50 weddings from EastEnders history. This episode aired following the screen wedding of Ronnie Mitchell and Jack Branning.
  • EastEnders: Farewell Stacey, 28 December 2010, documenting the story of Stacey Slater following her departure.
  • EastEnders: Greatest Exits, 7 July 2011, discussing the ways characters leave the series, ending with the five best. This episode was broadcast following the departure of Ronnie Branning.
  • EastEnders: The New Moons, 6 October 2011, followed the storyline involving Michael and Eddie Moon following Eddie's departure. It also looked at the arrivals of the new members of the Moon family, and the other fathers that have been on the Square.
  • EastEnders: Farewell Pat, 2 January 2012, following Pat Evans departure this programme looks back at Pat's greatest moments and celebrates her 25 years on the Square.

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