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Patrick Trueman, played by Rudolph Walker, makes his first appearance on 13 September 2001. The character was introduced by John Yorke as a replacement parental figure to the Trueman brothers, Anthony (Nick Bailey) and Paul (Gary Beadle), following the departure of Audrey Trueman (Corinne Skinner-Carter), a character killed-off in the serial in September 2001. Patrick first appears at Audrey's "rum-fuelled wake" as her estranged husband. Walker was keen to play a comic element to the character, telling Larry Jaffee of Walford Gazette, "Before joining, I told the producer is an area I would like to explore because there was not enough of it . treats a lot of things with a certain amount of humour. His way of escaping a problem is to find something funny to do or say or sometimes to get himself out of a tight corner. That’s really the sort of foundation. I try to put as much humour as possible into the character."

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Patrick Trueman - Reception
... episode focuses on Patrick Trueman sharing his experiences of being a young man living in 1950s Britain with the family he lives with (the Foxes) which does mean it is solely an all-black cast on screen ... Patrick and the Foxes are an integral part of Albert Square and this is no different to other episodes where we've concentrated on one particular family or ... in some depth the background and experiences of Patrick Trueman, one of EastEnders' longest-standing and most popular characters ...

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