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  • Voice Actor: Samuel Vincent

Vociferous is the sly, smooth-taking leader of the distrustful Voice of the Dragon Crew and their representaion on the Council of Twelve. At times, he will assume the identity of a director. Like Moordryd and his Dragon Eyes, Vociferous and his Voices will use deceptive tactics, but to blind others instead of rousing a high level of suspicion. He works together with Spynn, a female lieutenant of the Voices (and at some times, behind the camera). His dragon is Swavvy, but her appearance isn't really confirmed. For example, in episode 20, "Artha the Drac", and episode 24, "The Mechanist", Vociferous is shown riding a Bull-Class-like dragon with light green coloring. But in episode 33, "The Defiants", and episode 37 "Cain's Mutiny", he is shown riding a dark turquoise colored dragon with a body similar to that of a Nautilus-class dragon. She is however, a Turquoise Sonic-Class Dragon and thus likely the latter.

Vociferous loves to fool around and have his fun by making people humiliate and embarrass themselves. His deception and manipulation have slipped around without much suspicion, and he takes advantage of a situation whenever he has the chance. He is quick-witted, but is impatient and incompetent, therefore leading to problems in both physical and social skills. He fights with a mag-staff and is skilled in acrobatics. On the many occasions that Moordryd manages to divide the council against itself, Vociferous has sided with him.

Vociferous seems to like setting new fashion trends with his turquoise and blue clothes, and has a bit of an elfish look to him. He has spiky pink hair and green eyes, and his height and age are unknown. (He seems to be as tall as Parm, however, this shows in an episode where Artha's height differs from Parm’s. He tends to act slightly more mature than Artha or Moordryd, so he may be older than 16.) His name is from a play-off of the word vociferous, meaning "a loud or noisy cry; talkative, vocal".

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