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Mii Chan (ミイちゃん?)
Voice actor(s): Unknown→Mari Mashiba→Junko Asami→Kumiko Watanabe→Midori Nakazawa→Motoko Kumai→Fujiko Takimoto→Sachi Matsumoto(1981~March 2005)
A regular female cat from Nobita's timeline, who either hangs out or goes on dates with Doraemon. She to Doraemon is similar with Shizuka to Nobita, however, besides Noramyako, Doraemon still often has new crush on other girls in the whole series.
Yasuo (安雄?)
One of Nobita's classmates. He is distinguishable by always wearing a baseball cap. Although he appears fairly often in the series as a background character, his name is very rarely mentioned. Yasuo is often considered a generic representative of Nobita's friends. He is often creditted in the movies as "Boy A." (少年A) In one episode, he was also once called the last name, Tanaka (田中?).
Haruo (はる夫?)
One of Nobita's classmates who often appears with Yasuo. He is a chubby boy, though smaller in size than Gian. Much like Yasuo, he appears fairly often as a generic representative of Nobita's friends. He is often creditted in the movies as "Boy B." (少年B)
Moteo Mote (茂手もて夫, Mote Moteo?)
A boy in the neighbortown who Jaiko admires secretly. He's popular among girls but also a talented manga artist.

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