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  • Kala A planet mentioned in the Doctor Who episode A Town Called Mercy. It was said to have been the site of a devastating war. Native planet of the humanoid race known as the Kala (Kalar), who are said to be great builders.
  • Kalakiki Another planet from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.
  • Kalaya Homeworld of the Kalarians, foes of the Selachians.
  • Kaldor A planet featured in The Robots of Death.
  • Kantra A warm, tropical world mentioned in Destiny of the Daleks. It is the native planet of the Kantrians.
  • Kanval A planet mentioned in Mindwarp.
  • Kapteyn 5 A planet mentioned in the New Adventures, home to more than sixty sentient species including butterfly-people (Return of the Living Dad) and avian messengers (The Room with No Doors). Conquered by the Caxtarids, who wiped out four of the sentient species, made deals with four, and enslaved the rest.
  • Kar-Charrat A planet close to the edge of the Galaxy, home to a race composed of water. It is the location of a vast library complex, visited in the audio The Genocide Machine.
  • Karfel is the setting of the serial Timelash. It is a barren, rocky, grey planet that orbits two suns known as Rearbus and Selynx. Its natives have an uneasy relationship with the neighbouring planet of Bandril.
  • Karn is home to the Sisterhood of the Flame in The Brain of Morbius. It is an almost barren world with a mountainous terrain that is often bombarded by fierce lightning storms, as seen in the episode The Brain of Morbius. Through extensive research into the original series, it is suggested that Karn sits closer to its system's suns then its neighbouring planet of Gallifrey, which lies in the same solar system as Karn. Karn is also the setting for the Doctor Who stage play Seven Keys to Doomsday, probably during another era of its history. It was once the capital world of the Empire of the Master of Karn. It has one moon.
  • Karas don Kazra don Slava is a planet with intelligent sand and singing fish.
  • Karris is one of the planets featured in the New Series Adventures novel Shining Darkness.
  • Kas One of the ten planets that had its entire population stolen – bar one person – in IDW's Doctor Who comic series.
  • Kastopheria AKA Catastrophea A planet positioned between the United Planets Association and the Draconian Empire. Home to an advanced race of giant humanoids named the People. Catastrophea
  • Kastria is the home planet of the Eldrad, and features in The Hand of Fear. Once a lush planet, it has an icy, rocky and barren surface that is constantly bombarded by heavy gusts, turbulent ice storms/blizzards and suffers from frigid temperatures as seen in the episode The Hand of Fear.
  • Kataa Floko A planet mentioned in the episode The Sontaran Stratagem. It is said to have diamond coral reefs and is presumed to be a tropical/paradise world.
  • Katakiki Another planet mentioned in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy. This planet along with the planet Kalakiki might share the same solar system and both might also be tropical planets.
  • Katuria is a planet named in the New Series Adventures novel The Clockwise Man. It was ruled by a tyrannical dictator by the name of Shade Vassily until he was overthrown by a group of revolutionists and was sentenced to exile on Earth.
  • Kegron Pluva is a planet with the "maddest ecosystem in the universe", mentioned in the New Series Adventures novel Only Human.
  • Kembel is the setting of Mission to the Unknown and much of The Daleks' Master Plan. It is mostly covered in large, inhospitable jungles home to many strange creatures. It is described as the most hostile planet known, and only the Dalek forces were willing to use it as a base.
  • Kinjana A planet mentioned in the Tenth Doctor New Series Adventures novel The Last Dodo.
  • Kirith is the planet of the Kirithons and setting of the Virgin New Adventures story Timewyrm: Apocalypse.
  • Klechton A planet described as being pretty dull by the Doctor in Prisoner of the Daleks.
  • Kolkokron (aka. Culkacron) Is a planet mentioned in Frontios. It is a rocky, barren planet covered by boulders, boulders and more boulders.
  • Koorharn A planet mentioned in the episode 42. The Doctor takes Martha there to ice skate on its mineral lakes.
  • Kosnax A planet mentioned in Time-Flight.
  • Krass Don Slava A planet mentioned in the episode "Amy's Choice".
  • Kreme A planet mentioned in The Space Museum.
  • Krillia Home planet of the Krillitanes.
  • Krontep a planet mentioned in Mindwarp.
  • Krop Tor Is a planet impossibly in orbit around a black hole designated K37 Gem 5, and the setting of "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit". Its name translates to "The Bitter Pill" in Veltino, the legend being that the black hole was a demon who was tricked into swallowing the planet only to spit it out after discovering that it was poison. Destroyed by eventually falling into the black hole.
  • Kylos Another planet mentioned in The Space Museum.
  • Kyrol Watery planet that was home to a human expedition, a humanised Dalek colony, and a native beast named Kataphobus. Visited in the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip "Children of the Revolution".

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