List of Disney References in Enchanted - The Little Mermaid

Specific references made to The Little Mermaid include:

  • Jodi Benson plays Robert's secretary, Sam – Benson voiced Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
  • Giselle sings to her dream prince – just as Ariel does with the statue of Eric.
  • Giselle's dream prince statue's posture is similar to that of prince Eric's statue.
  • The Troll's earrings are made of the shell bra Ariel wears.
  • Giselle's wedding dress, with its humongous puffed sleeves, is similar to Ariel's wedding dress.
  • As Giselle studies the fish tank at Robert's office, an instrumental version of "Part of Your World" is played in the background.
  • "That's How You Know" – a homage to "Under the Sea" and "Kiss the Girl" through its calypso beat.
  • The man who first joins Giselle during "That's How You Know" has a Jamaican accent like Sebastian.
  • When Giselle brushes her hair in the beginning of the animated part of the movie, she does it the same way as Ariel did in The Little Mermaid.
  • Giselle's hair in her second day in New York, when she sang "That's How You Know", is a replica of Ariel's hairdo when she was human and living in Prince Eric's castle.
  • During "That's How You Know", Giselle and Robert are in a boat like Ariel and Eric were during "Kiss the Girl".
  • When Giselle falls on Robert when she gets out of the shower just as Ariel fell into prince Eric's arms when she try to tell him she can't speak.
  • A stuffed plushie of a sheep dog is found on the couch of Robert's apartment, a reference to Eric's dog Max.
  • When Prince Edward and Giselle are reunited in Robert's apartment he twirls her in the air, the same way Prince Eric twirls Ariel after King Triton turns her to human permanently.
  • Giselle's second hand-made dress, which she wears during breakfast with Robert and Morgan, is a pink and white off-the-shoulder dress, resembling Ariel's dress in the dinner scene with Prince Eric.
  • In Morgan's bedroom (in the first scene it appears)there is a small Ariel figurine on her top shelf, depicting Ariel sitting on a pink shell.
  • In the beginning the flowers in Giselle's hair are the same as Ariel's during "Under the Sea".
  • When Giselle calls the doves in the park the scene is set up to resemble the meeting between Eric and Ariel when she tries mutely to explain that she lost her voice.
  • Pip cannot speak in the live action world, just as Ariel cannot speak while she has legs.
  • Pip's book "Silence Is Not Golden" references a deleted scene from The Little Mermaid in which Ursula sings a song titled "Silence is Golden".

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