List of Digimon Adventure Characters - Gennai


Young Voiced by: Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese), Jeff Nimoy, Steven Blum (Series Finale) (English)
Old Voiced by: Joji Yanami (Japanese), Mike Reynolds (English)

Jennai (ゲンナイ, Gennai?) is a data-based human in the form of an old man serves as the DigiDestined's guide after their battle with Devimon. It would be revealed, while Kari is possessed, that Gennai was a youth as he and his fellow data-humans were creating the DigiDestined's Digimon to fight against the Dark Masters. However, Piedmon slaughtered his friends as he was forced to escape with the DigiDestineds' Digivices and Digimons' eggs before the one that held Gatomon was lost in the commotion. It would be after Apocalymon's defeat that Gennai resummons the DigiDestined a year later to give up the power of their Crests to free the Digimon Sovereigns.

In the second series, Gennai regains his youthful appearance as he meets his old friend Azulongmon and is entrusted with one of his DigiCores to give to the DigiDestined on Christmas Day. It by then that Gennai reveals that he created clones of himself that act to erase all footage of Digimon in the real world and leave humans in the dark of what they actually saw. Gennai later appears in the series finale, revealing to have possessed Gatomon's Tail Ring the entire time as he explains that was so she can Armor & DNA Digivolve like the others.

  • Benjamin (ベニヤミン?): An America-based clone who explains to Davis the nature of he and his fellow Gennai clones.
  • Jackie (ジャッキー, Jakkī?): A China-based clone who helps Izzy and Kari with the langague barrier between them and the Poi Brothers.
  • Hogan (ユーカリプトス, Yūkariputosu?, Eucalyptus): An Australia-based clone
  • José (ホセ, Hose?): A Mexico-based clone.
  • Ilya (イリヤ, Iriya?): A Russia-based clone.

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