List of Defunct Retailers of The United States - Electronics Stores

Electronics Stores

  • A&B Sound
  • Allied Radio — Chicago, Illinois, acquired by Radio Shack
  • Circuit City — now reopened online through CompUSA/Tiger Direct
  • Computer City
  • CompuAdd
  • Crazy Eddie
  • Douglas TV — bought out by Tweeter
  • Egghead Software
  • Electric Avenue - Operated by Montgomery Ward
  • Erol's
  • Federated Group — bought by Atari
  • Fretter
  • Fred Schmid — Operated in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. Purchased by Fretter.
  • Good Guys — purchased by CompUSA
  • Incredible Universe
  • Lafayette Radio
  • Lechmere
  • Luskin's - Baltimore-based appliance and electronics retailer
  • McDuff
  • Mars Music
  • On Cue — operated by Musicland in small towns and micropolitan areas, but closed before the Musicland/FYE merger
  • Polk Brothers
  • Schaak Electronics
  • Silo
  • SoftWarehouse — predecessor to CompUSA
  • Sound Advice — Florida
  • SoundTrack
  • Steinberg's (electronics store)
  • Sun Television and Appliances — bankrupt and liquidated in 1998
  • Tech Hifi — co-founded by Sandy Ruby at M.I.T. in 1964
  • (Nobody Beats) The Wiz
  • Tweeter
  • The Warehouse
  • Video Concepts
  • Ultimate Electronics

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