List of Defunct Retailers of The United States - Camping, Sports or Athletic Stores

Camping, Sports or Athletic Stores

  • AdventureSports!
  • AM/PM Camp
  • Brendamour's Cincinnati, Ohio area. Liquidated in 1999.
  • Chick's Sporting Goods — bought by Dick's; locations converted to Dick's
  • Copeland Sports
  • Galyan's — bought by Dick's; locations converted to Dick's
  • Gart Sports - bought by Sports Authority
  • Dave Cooks — Denver - bought by Gart Brothers; now Sports Authority
  • Dick Fischers Buffalo, New York
  • G.I. Joe's — Oregon and Washington
  • Gold Medal (Philadelphia area)
  • Golf Augusta Pro Shops
  • Herman's World of Sporting Goods
  • Irving's Sporting Goods
  • JumboSports
  • Mages — Chicago
  • Morrie Mages — Chicago, started by one of the Mages Bros after the closing of Mages) stores sold to Sportmart
  • MVP Sports — New England, bought by Decathlon, who exited the U.S. market altogether soon after.
  • Oshman's
  • Olympic Sports — Seattle, Washington
  • Security Sporting Goods — New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Sportmart
  • Sports Town USA
  • Sports Unlimited
  • Sportswest
  • Sunny's Surplus
  • Warshal's

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