List of Defunct Graphics Chips and Card Companies - Defunct Graphics Chip Makers

Defunct Graphics Chip Makers

These companies designed graphics chips and cards.

  • 3Dfx - Assets were acquired by NVIDIA during its Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • 3Dlabs - Merged with Creative Labs' personal entertainment division to form ZiiLABS
  • Ageia - acquired by Nvidia
  • Ark Logic
  • ArtX - acquired by ATI Technologies
  • ATI Technologies - merged into and renamed AMD
  • Avance Logic - acquired by Realtek
  • BitBoys - acquired by ATI Technologies
  • Chips and Technologies - acquired by Intel
  • Chromatic Research - acquired by ATI Technologies
  • GigaPixel - acquired by 3Dfx
  • Gemini Technology - went bankrupt, acquired by Seiko Epson to form the Vancouver Design Center
  • Headland Technologies - division of LSI Logic's Standard Products Group in late 1990s, assets sold to SPEA
  • Hercules - no longer manufactures graphics cards
  • IXMICRO - produced video cards for Macintosh and Macintosh clones
  • MOS Technology - produced the VIC and TED line of graphics chips, owned by Commodore International.
  • Number Nine Visual Technology (originally named Number Nine Computer Corp.) - pioneer in the graphics industry, developed 1st 128-bit graphics processor. Acquired by S3.
  • Oak Technology - acquired by Zoran Corporation
  • OPTi Inc. - no longer makes graphics chips
  • Paradise Systems - acquired by Western Digital
  • Radius - Made graphics solutions for Apple, out of business mid 1990s
  • Raycer - acquired by Apple Computer
  • Real3D - acquired by Intel
  • Rendition - acquired by Micron Technology
  • Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) - Quit developing 3D graphics in-house in the early 2000s and bought GPUs from other companies. Later went completely out of business in 2009. Its assets were bought in the resulting Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Rackable Systems, which changed its name to Silicon Graphics International.
  • Tseng Labs - sold their video chip assets to ATI Technologies in 1997
  • Video 7 - merged with G2 to form Headland Technologies
  • Western Digital Imaging - combined efforts of Paradise Systems and Faraday Computing, bought by Western Digital and allowed to go out of business
  • Weitek Corporation - maker of Power9000 brand of GPUs circa 1991-1994, bankrupt 1995

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