List of Deadlands Books - Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars

Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars was a skirmish oriented miniatures game produced by Pinnace Entertainment Group for the Deadlands setting. The following are the rulebooks and expansions published for the game.

Title Description Publication Year
Deadlands: The Great Rail Wars Boxed set including the core rulebook, miniatures and cards needed to start playing. 1997
Reinforcements Extra copies of the unit cards in the original boxed set, as well as blank troop cards for creating new units. 1997
Derailed Adds rules for oversized land, air and sea rigs, as well as trains, including the required troop cards, upgrade cards and counters. 1998
A Fist Full of Ghost Rock Includes expanded rules for duels, experience and veteran troops, as well as a number of new scenarios. 1998
Dogs o' War Adds a number of new troops for every faction, as well as a new scenario which follows on from one of those included in A Fist Full of Ghost Rock 1998
Cry Havoc Adds two new hero classes, as well as new spells, Harrowed powers, gizmos, Edges and Hindrances. Adds new rules for battlefields, duelling and weather effects. 1998
High Noon 2000
Raid on Roswell A scenario focussed on mysterious flying disc seen over Fort 51, and the race between the various Rail Barons to secure its mysteries for themselves. 2001

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