List of Crusade Episodes - Unfilmed Episodes

Unfilmed Episodes

When production was suspended, planning for the episodes that would have made up the second half of the season were at various stages; three had completed scripts, while titles and story outlines of a number of others were complete reading for scripting:

Episode # Title Writer Original air date
14 "To The Ends of The Earth" J. Michael Straczynski N/A
The Apocalypse Box directs Gideon to a ship like the one that destroyed the Cerberus. This episode further expanded on the story of the unidentified black craft seen in Gideon's flashbacks.
15 "Value Judgments" Fiona Avery N/A
The crew of the Excalibur discover a vault with a lock that requires a telepath to open it. This episode expanded on the fate of the Psi Corps and would have seen the return of Bester.
16 "Darkness of the Soul" J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Episode involving the Apocalypse Box. Scripting was about to begin when the series was cancelled.
17 "Tried and True" Fiona Avery N/A
Dureena is imprisoned and interrogated by her mentor Nafeek as to what she is doing on the Excalibur. This episode was intended as a standalone "coming of age" story for Dureena, not connected to a story arc.
18 J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Episode would have involved the discovery of a construction base. Only exists as a one line description.
19 "War Story" Richard Mueller N/A
Dureena is abducted by an unknown ship under circumstances that leave Matheson feeling as though he's responsible.
20 "The Walls of Hell" Larry DiTillio N/A
In attempt to rescue Dureena, Matheson gets possessed by the apocalypse box and subsequently takes over the ship.
21 J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Dureena returns with a magical sword and without any memory of what happened to her.
22 "The End of the Line" J. Michael Straczynski N/A
Gideon learns of the origins of the ship that destroyed the Cerberus, and of a conspiracy at the heart of the Earth Alliance. This was to have been the season finale, with a major cliffhanger leading into Season 2.

The completed scripts of "To The Ends of the Earth", "Value Judgements" and "End of the Line" were published online for a period during 2001 on

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