List of Coronation Street Characters (1961) - Marian Lund

Marian Lund
Coronation Street character
Portrayed by Patricia Heneghan (1961)
Linda Marlowe (2008)
Introduced by Stuart Latham (1961)
Kim Crowther (2008)
Duration 1961, 2008
First appearance 17 April 1961
Episode 36
Last appearance 11 July 2008
Episode 6858
Classification Former; recurring

Marian Lund was a librarian who worked at the university which Ken Barlow attended. Despite being eleven years his senior, Marion and Ken began a love affair after he ended his relationship with Susan Cunningham. However, the romance ended when Ken found out that Marian had a fiancé.

Ken and Marian next crossed paths 47 years later when a university reunion brought them back together. They briefly hinted at their past relationship, though no direct connection to Marian was addressed.

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