List of Computer Size Categories - Mobile Computers


Mobile Computers

  • Desktop replacement computer or desknote
  • Laptop computer
    • Notebook computer
      • Subnotebook computer, also known as a Kneetop computer; clamshell varieties may also be known as minilaptop or ultraportable laptop computers
    • Tablet personal computer
    • "slabtop" computers including "word-processing keyboards" and the TRS-80 Model 100
    • Handheld computers, which include the classes:
      • Ultra-mobile personal computer, or UMPC
      • Personal digital assistant or enterprise digital assistant, which include:
        • HandheldPC or Palmtop computer
        • Pocket personal computer
      • Electronic organizer
      • Pocket computer
      • Calculator, which includes the class:
        • Graphing calculator
        • Scientific calculator
        • Programmable calculator
        • Accounting / Financial Calculator
      • Handheld game console
      • Portable media player
      • Portable data terminal
      • Information appliance
        • Q Smartphone,(QWERTY Smartphone) a class of mobile phone
        • Smartphone, a class of mobile phone
    • Wearable computer
  • Single board computer
  • Wireless sensor network components
  • Plug computer
  • Microcontroller
  • Smartdust
  • Nanocomputer

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