List of Computer Size Categories - Categories


  • Category:Supercomputers
  • Category:Mainframe computers
  • Category:Minicomputers
  • Category:Desktop computers
  • Category:Cart computers
  • Category:Portable computers
  • Category:Mobile computers
    • Category:Desktop replacement computers
    • Category:Laptops
      • Category:Notebooks
    • Category:Tablet computers
    • Category:Subnotebooks
    • Category:Handheld computers
      • Category:Pocket computers
      • Category:Personal digital assistants
      • Category:Enterprise Digital Assistants
      • Category:Handheld PCs
        • Category:Palmtops
      • Category:Calculators
      • Category:Handheld game consoles
      • Category:Pocket PCs
      • Category:Portable data terminals
      • Category:Electronic organizers
      • Category:Information appliances
    • Category:Wearable computers
  • Category:Embedded systems
  • Category:Wireless sensor network
  • Category:Smartdust
  • Category:Nanocomputer

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Famous quotes containing the word categories:

    All cultural change reduces itself to a difference of categories. All revolutions, whether in the sciences or world history, occur merely because spirit has changed its categories in order to understand and examine what belongs to it, in order to possess and grasp itself in a truer, deeper, more intimate and unified manner.
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    Of course I’m a black writer.... I’m not just a black writer, but categories like black writer, woman writer and Latin American writer aren’t marginal anymore. We have to acknowledge that the thing we call “literature” is more pluralistic now, just as society ought to be. The melting pot never worked. We ought to be able to accept on equal terms everybody from the Hassidim to Walter Lippmann, from the Rastafarians to Ralph Bunche.
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