List of Common Microcontrollers - Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion

  • SM2XX - Flash memory card controllers
  • SM321 - USB 2.0
  • SM323 - USB 2.0
  • SM323E - USB 2.0
    • Silicon Motion's SM321E and SM324 controllers support SLC and MLC NAND flash from Samsung, Hynix, Toshiba and ST Micro as well as flash products from Renesas, Infineon and Micron. The SM321E is available in a 48-pin LQFP package and a 44-pin LGA package. The SM321E supports up to 4 SLC or MLC NAND flash chips with 4 bytes / 528 bytes ECC
  • SM324 - USB 2.0
    • Supports dual-channel data transfer at read speeds of 233× (35 MB/s) and write speeds of 160× (24 MB/s), making it the fastest USB 2.0 flash disk controller in the market. The SM324 also has serial peripheral interface (SPI) which allows for not only Master and Slave modes, but the flexibility to develop more functionality into USB flash disk (UFD) products such as GPS, fingerprint sensor, Bluetooth and memory-capacity display. The SM324 is available in a 64-pin LQFP package. The SM324 supports 8 SLC or MLC NAND flash chips with 4 bytes / 528 bytes ECC.
  • SM325 - USB 2.0
  • SM330 - USB 2.0
  • SM501, SM502 - Mobile Graphics
  • SM712 - Mobile Graphics
  • SM722 - Mobile Graphics
  • SM340 - MP3/JPEG
  • SM350 - MP3/JPEG
  • SM370 - Image processing

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