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Silicon Laboratories

Manufactures a line of 8-bit 8051-compatible microcontrollers, notable for high speeds (50–100 MIPS) and large memories in relatively small package sizes. A free IDE is available that supports the USB-connected ToolStick line of modular prototyping boards. These microcontrollers were originally developed by Cygnal. In 2012, the company introduced ARM-based mixed-signal MCUs with very low power and USB options, supported by free Eclipse-based tools.

  • C8051F300
    • QFN11 package (3×3 mm), 25 MIPS, 8 kB flash memory, 256B RAM, 8 I/O, UART, SMBus, 3 timers, 8-bit 8 ch 500 kbs ADC, temperature sensor, Comparator.
  • C8051F120
    • TQFP100 package, 128k Flash, 8448B RAM, 64 I/O, 2 UARTS, SMBus, SPI, 5 timers, 12-bit 8ch ADC, 8-bit 8ch ADC, 12-bit 2ch DAC, temperature sensor, 2 comparators, 16×16 MAC.
  • SiM3C1xx 32-bit Microcontrollers
    • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 CPU, 80 MHz maximum system clock, 32–256 kB Flash and 8–32 kB SRAM

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