List of Common Microcontrollers - Parallax


  • SX
    • These were formerly made by Ubicom, former Scenix Semiconductor. The SX die has been discontinued by Ubicom. Parallax has accumulated a large stock of the dies and is managing the packaging.
    • SX-18, 20, 28, 48 and 52 versions (Note that the SX-18 and SX-52 have been discontinued)
    • Parallax's SX series is an 8-bit microcontroller which has unusually high speed, up to 75 MHz (75 MIPS), and a high degree of flexibility. Andre LaMothe has shown that the SX-52 can be overclocked to 80 MHz (80 MIPS); 5 MHz above the rated clock speed. He has used the SX-52 in thousands of XGameStation development computers all running at 80 MHz. Some users have referred to these microcontrollers as PICs on steroids. While Parallax's SX micros are limited in variety, their high speed and additional resources allow programmers to create 'virtual devices', including complete video controllers, as required. Refer to Parallax's Web site for information, as they are the sole distributor of these devices.
  • Propeller
    • The Propeller is a 8-core 32-bit microcontroller with 32 kB internal RAM.

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