List of Common Microcontrollers - Atmel


  • AT89 series (Intel 8051 architecture)
  • AT90, ATtiny, ATmega, ATxmega series (AVR architecture) (Atmel Norway design)
  • AT91SAM (ARM architecture)
  • AVR32 (32-bit AVR architecture) (Atmel Norway design)
  • MARC4

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... integrated circuit microcontroller produced by the Atmel corporation ... It has the basic Atmel AVR instruction set ... Many of Atmel's microcontrollers in this line have similar instruction sets, so if an engineer learns the instruction set from one of their microprocessors, this knowledge is transferable ...
Data Flash
... It is an Atmel proprietary interface, compatible with the SPI standard ... written and read from a DataFlash chip using any microcontroller, such as the Atmel AVR, the Microchip PIC or the ARM ... The Boot ROM of numerous Atmel ARM microcontrollers support downloading code from DataFlash chips after reset ...
... The AVR32 is a 32-bit RISC microprocessor architecture designed by Atmel ... lead designer Øyvind Strøm, PhD and CPU architect Erik Renno, M.Sc in Atmel's Norwegian design center. 8-bit AVR is only with respect to the design center (both architectures originated out of Atmel Norway, Trondheim) and some of the debug-tools ...
Atmel - History
... Atmel Corporation was founded in 1984 and is based in San Jose, CA ... Originally Atmel Corporation was a fabless semiconductor company designing EPROMs and PLDs that were manufactured by Sanyo ... In 1989 Atmel bought a semiconductor fab in Colorado Springs CO from Honeywell ...