List of Closed Railway Stations in Britain: W-Z - W - Wy


(Town, unless in station name)
Rail company Year closed
Wyesham Halt GWR 1959
Wyke and Norwood Green Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway 1953
Wyke Regis Halt Weymouth and Portland Railway 1952
Wykeham North Eastern Railway 1950
Wyllie Halt London, Midland and Scottish Railway 1960
Wylye GWR 1955
Wyndham Halt GWR 1958
Wynn Hall Halt GWR 1915
Wynnville Halt GWR 1960
Wynyard North Eastern Railway 1931
Wyre Dock Preston and Wyre Joint Railway 1970
Wyre Forest GWR 1962
Wyre Halt GWR 1966
Wyrley and Cheslyn Hay London and North Western Railway 1965

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