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Claymore character
First appearance Manga Scene 5, anime Scene 03
Voiced by Eric Vale (en),
Hiroyuki Yoshino (ja)
Original name シド Shido
Affiliation City of Rabona
Technique Knife throwing
Status Alive

Sid is a guard of the Holy City of Rabona, and friend of Galk. Initially, he appears brash, short-tempered and hostile toward Claymore warriors. He is skilled at knife throwing.

While on night patrol, Sid and Galk fight with Clare. Later, Clare saves their lives during the battle with the Voracious Eater.

After 7-year Timeskip, Sid helps Miata and Clarice evade guards during their mission to kill Galatea. During Agatha's invasion of Rabona, Galatea rescues Sid from Agatha.

After survivors of the Northern Campaign kill Agatha, there is a celebration party, where Galk and Sid reveal that Raki had come to Rabona looking for Clare.

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