List of Citrus Diseases - Viroids and Graft-transmissible Pathogens

Viroids and Graft-transmissible Pathogens

Viroids and graft-transmissible pathogens
Algerian navel orange virus GTP
Blight = young tree decline, rough lemon decline GTP
Blind pocket GTP
Cachexia Citrus cachexia viroid (Hostuviroid)
Chlorotic dwarf White-fly transmitted GTP
Citrus dwarfing Various viroids
Citrus yellow mottle GTP
Citrus yellow ringspot GTP
Concave gum GTP
Cristacortis GTP
Exocortis Citrus exocortis viroid (CEVd) Pospiviroidae
Fatal yellows GTP
Gummy bark GTP, possible viroid
Gum pocket and gummy pittings GTP, possible viroid
Impietratura GTP
Indian citrus ringspot GTP
Leaf curl GTP
Leathery leaf GTP
Leprosis GTP associated with Brevipalpus spp. mites
Measles GTP
Milam stem-pitting GTP
Multiple sprouting disease GTP
Nagami kumquat disease GTP
Ringspot diseases Various GTPs
Vein enation = woody gall GTP (possible luteovirus)
Xyloporosis = cachexia Citrus cachexia viroid (Hostuviroid)
Yellow vein GTP
Yellow vein clearing of lemon GTP

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