List of Chief Ministers of The Northern Territory By Time in Office - Rank By Time in Office

Rank By Time in Office


  • Red = Australian Labor Party.
  • Blue = Country Liberal Party.

Goff Letts (CLP) won the first Northern Territory election on 19 October 1974. His role was as Majority Leader. Paul Everingham (CLP) became the first Chief Minister of the Northern Territory when the territory attained self-government on 1 July 1978.

Rank Chief Minister Days Years Notes
1. Paul Everingham 2621 13 Aug 1977 – 15 Oct 1984
2. Marshall Perron 2507 13 Jul 1988 – 24 May 1995
3. Clare Martin 2290 18 Aug 2001 – 24 Nov 2007 first female Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
4. Paul Henderson 1739 26 Nov 2007 – 29 Aug 2012
5. Shane Stone 1355 25 May 1995 – 7 Feb 1999
6. Goff Letts 1029 19 Oct 1974 – 12 Aug 1977
7. Denis Burke 922 8 Feb 1999 – 17 Aug 2001
8. Stephen Hatton 791 14 May 1986 – 12 Jul 1988
9. Ian Tuxworth 575 16 Oct 1984 – 13 May 1986
10. Terry Mills 197 29 Aug 2012 – 13 Mar 2013
11. Adam Giles 99 14 Mar 2013 – Incumbent; time in office as of 21 June 2013.

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