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Kira, The Seer

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A clairvoyant demon who uses a large pool to show her visions to her visitors becomes a repeating character. She said once that she had to touch to get premonitions at first, but eventually was able to get visions without needing a sense of touch. She foresees the Avatar's ascendance and attempts to make a deal with the Charmed Ones to become mortal after the Avatars threat is dealt with and Zankou rises as the ultimate threat opposing the Charmed Ones. She wanted to be able to feel and to love, and she said that being a demon never gave her that. She also had a lot of conflicts with fellow demons. In the process of being protected by the Charmed Ones, she and Phoebe become friends. She's vanquished by Zankou right before she has the chance to become human.

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