List of Characters On Teen Titans (TV Series) - Allies - Fixit

  • Voice Actor: Tom Kenny

Fixit is a cyborg hermit who has the power to control machines with his mind. When Cyborg's power cell fails during a battle with Mumbo in "The Sum of His Parts," Fixit takes him to his underground home to be repaired. However, his repairs are actually aimed to remove Cyborg's human parts, which Fixit believes are inferior. After he attempts to download Cyborg's memories, he is overwhelmed by emotion and the "beauty" of Cyborg's recollections of the world outside. The Titans find Cyborg in time for him to explain to Fixit what it really means to be human. Fixit understands this, and Cyborg offers to help him return to a life with a more human existence. Fixit made an appearance in Teen Titans Go! #2 where Cyborg recruited him to assist the team in battling Gizmo. In this issue, while at Titans Tower, Fixit combines the Titans' vehicles to create the 'Titans Go-Bot 5'.

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