List of CAS Numbers By Chemical Compound - H

Chemical formula Synonyms CAS number
H2SO4 sulfuric acid 7664-93-9
HfB2 hafnium boride 12007-23-7
HfBr4 hafnium bromide 13777-22-5
HfC hafnium carbide 12069-85-1
HfCl4 hafnium chloride 13499-05-3
HfF4 hafnium fluoride 13709-52-9
HfH2 hafnium hydride 12770-26-2
HfI3 hafnium iodide 13779-73-2
HfN hafnium nitride 25817-87-2
HfO2 hafnium oxide 12055-23-1
HfP hafnium phosphide 12325-59-6
Hf(SO4)2 hafnium sulfate 15823-43-5
HfS2 hafnium sulfide 18855-94-2
HfSe2 hafnium selenide 12162-21-9
HfSiO4 hafnium orthosilicate 13870-13-8
HfSi2 hafnium silicide 12401-56-8
HgBr2 mercury(II) bromide 7789-47-1
Hg(C2H3O2)2 mercury(II) acetate 1600-27-7
HgCl2 mercury(II) chloride 7487-94-7
HgCl2O8 mercury(II) perchlorate 73491-34-6
HgF2 mercury(II) fluoride 7783-39-3
HgH2 mercury(II) hydride 72172-67-9
Hg(IO3)2 mercury(II) iodate 7783-32-6
HgI2 mercury(II) iodide 7774-29-0
Hg(NO3)2 mercury(II) nitrate 10045-94-0
HgO mercury(II) oxide 21908-53-2
Hg(ONC)2 mercury(II) fulminate 628-86-4
HgS mercury(II) sulfide 1344-48-5
Hg(SCN)2 mercury(II) thiocyanate 592-85-8
HgSO4 mercury(II) sulfate 7783-35-9
HgSe mercury(II) selenide 20601-83-6
HgTe mercury(II) telluride 12068-90-5
Hg2Br2 mercury(I) bromide 15385-58-7
Hg2Cl2 mercury(I) chloride 10112-91-1
Hg2F2 mercury(I) fluoride 1396-75-4
Hg2I2 mercury(I) iodide 15385-57-6
Hg2O mercury(I) oxide 15829-53-5
HoBr3 holmium bromide 13825-76-8
Ho(CHO2)3 holmium formate 3252-59-3
HoCl3 holmium chloride 10138-62-2
HoF3 holmium fluoride 13760-78-6
HoI3 holmium iodide 13813-41-7
HoN holmium nitride 12029-81-1
HoSi2 holmium silicide 12136-24-2
HoVO4 holmium vanadate 13977-63-4
Ho2O3 holmium oxide 12055-62-8
Ho2S3 holmium sulfide 12162-59-3

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