List of California Street Railroads - San Francisco

San Francisco

Name From To Successor Notes
Bay Shore and South San Francisco Street Railway Ferries and Cliff House Railway
California Street Railroad 1884 California Street Cable Railroad
California Street Cable Railroad 1884 1951 San Francisco Municipal Railway
Central Railroad 1863 1893 Market Street Railway
City Railroad 1863 1893 Market Street Railway
Clay Street Hill Railroad Ferries and Cliff House Railway
Ferries and Cliff House Railway 1887 1893 Market Street Railway
Front Street. Mission and Ocean Railroad 1863 Sutter Street Railway
Geary Street, Park and Ocean Railroad 1878 1912 San Francisco Municipal Railway
Gough Street Railroad
Market Street Cable Railway 1882 1893 Market Street Railway
Market Street Railway San Francisco Municipal Railway
Market Street Railway 1893 1902 United Railroads of San Francisco
Market Street Railway 1882 Market Street Cable Railway
Market Street and Fairmount Railway 1886 1893 Market Street Railway
Metropolitan Railway 1891 Market Street Railway
North Beach and Mission Railroad 1862 1893 Market Street Railway
Ocean Beach Railway 1885 1893 Market Street Railway
Ocean Shore Railroad 1911
Ocean Shore Railway 1911 Ocean Shore Railroad
Omnibus Cable Company 1888 1893 Market Street Railway
Omnibus Railroad Omnibus Railroad and Cable Company
Omnibus Railroad and Cable Company Omnibus Cable Company
Park and Cliff House Railway 1888 Ferries and Cliff House Railway
Park and Ocean Railroad 1883 1893 Market Street Railway
Parkside Transit Company 1909 San Francisco Electric Railways
Potrero and Bay View Railroad 1866 1893 Market Street Railway
Presidio and Ferries Railroad 1882 1914 San Francisco Municipal Railway
San Francisco Electric Railways 1909 Gough Street Railroad
San Francisco Municipal Railway
San Francisco and San Mateo Railway 1896 San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway
San Francisco and San Mateo Electric Railway 1896 1902 United Railroads of San Francisco
South San Francisco Railroad and Power Company 1903
Southern Heights and Visitacion Railway 1892 1893 Market Street Railway
Sutro Railroad 1902 United Railroads of San Francisco
Sutter Street Railway 1879 1902 United Railroads of San Francisco
Telegraph Hill Railroad 1886 N/A
United Railroads of San Francisco 1902 Market Street Railway

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