List of California Street Railroads - East Bay

East Bay

  • Alameda, Oakland and Piedmont Railroad
  • Broadway, Berkeley and Piedmont Street Railroad
  • Brooklyn and Fruitvale Railroad
  • Claremont University and Ferris Street Railway
  • Fourteenth Street Railroad
  • Highland Park and Fruitvale Railway
  • Interurban Electric Railway
  • Key System
  • Oakland Cable Railway
  • Oakland Railroad
  • Oakland and Berkeley Rapid Transit Company
  • Oakland, Brooklyn and Fruitvale Railroad
  • Piedmont Cable Company
  • San Francisco, Oakland & San Jose Consolidated Railway
  • Alameda County Terminal Railway from part of the Alameda County Railway
  • East Shore and Suburban Railway
  • Oakland Traction Company 1906-1912
    • Berkeley Traction Company
    • Oakland Traction Consolidated 1904-1906
      • Oakland Transit Consolidated 1902-1904
        • Oakland Transit Company 1901
          • California Railway 1890-1901
            • Alameda and Oakland Horsecar Railroad 1870-1892
            • Oakland, Alameda and Laundry Farm Railroad 1888-1890
              • Alameda County Railway
          • Central Avenue Railway 1892-1898 Narrow Gauge Oakland
            • Central Avenue Railroad 1889-1892 Narrow Gauge Proposed Cable
          • Oakland Consolidated Street Railway
          • Central Avenue Railway
          • Piedmont and Mountain View Railway
          • East Oakland Street Railway
          • Highland Park and Fruitvale Railroad
          • Oakland Railroad
            • Oakland Cable Railway
            • San Pablo Railroad (San Pablo Avenue Horsecar Railroad)
        • Oakland, San Leandro and Hayward Electric Railway Consolidated
          • Oakland, San Leandro and Hayward Electric Railway
          • Twenty-Third Avenue Electric Railway
      • Webster Street and Park Railway/Webster and Lake Park Railroad

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