List of Bridges On The National Register of Historic Places in Wisconsin

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Armstrong Creek Bridge 2011-11-18 Armstrong Creek
Barteau Bridge 1906 2002-03-28 Bovina
Outagamie Stone arch Bridge
Bridge No. 1 1892, 1902 1980-02-27 La Crosse
La Crosse Bowstring Arch Truss Bridge
Bridge No. 2 1892, 1902 1980-02-27 La Crosse
La Crosse Bowstring Arch Truss Bridge
Bridge No. 3 1892 1980-02-27 La Crosse
La Crosse Bowstring Arch Truss Bridge
Bridge No. 4 1892, 1902 1980-02-27 La Crosse
La Crosse Bowstring Arch Truss Bridge
Bridge No. 5 1892, 1902 1980-02-27 La Crosse
La Crosse King post Bridge
Bridge No. 6 1892, 1902 1980-02-27 La Crosse
La Crosse Bowstring Arch Truss Bridge
Covered Bridge 1876 1973-03-14 Cedarburg
Ozaukee latticed timber truss
Cunningham Lane Bridge 1895 1996-07-05 Rockbridge
Richland Pratt full-slope pony truss
First Street Bridge 1904 1996-09-12 Merrill
Lincoln stone-arch
Green Bay Road Bridge 1887 1998-08-03 Manitowoc Rapids
Manitowoc Pratt through truss
Manchester Street Bridge 1884, 1987 1988-10-13 Baraboo
Sauk Camelback through truss
Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge 1916 1982-06-25 Chippewa Falls
Smyth Road Bridge 1928 1996-09-12 Lakewood
Oconto overhead pratt truss
Soo Line High Bridge 1910, 1911 1977-08-22 Somerset St. Croix Five Arch Span
Sprague Bridge 1913 1995-01-23 Finley
Juneau Pratt half-hip pony truss
Stillwater Bridge 1931 1989-05-25 Houlton
St. Croix Vertical lift bridge
Sturgeon Bay Bridge 1931 2008-01-17 Sturgeon Bay
Door Truss bridge
Tayco Street Bridge 1928, 1929 1986-05-30 Menasha
Winnebago Strauss Trunion Bascule
Third Street Bridge 1899 1988-09-21 Menomonee Falls
Waukesha Stone Arch Bridge
Turtleville Iron Bridge 1887 1977-09-15 Beloit
Rock Pratt Truss Design
Upper Twin Falls Bridge 2012-12-12 Florence
Wakely Road Bridge 1892 2001-04-05 Saratoga
Wood stone arch bridge
Grand Avenue Bridge 1894
removed 1987-02-18
Neillsville Clark Overhead Pratt Truss
Leedle Mill Truss Bridge 1916 !ca. 1916 1980-09-17
removed 2013-1-9
Rock Pratt Truss
Second Street Bridge
removed 1987-05-18
Galesville Trempealeau
Sock Road Bridge 1893
removed 1982-03-04
Lowell Dodge Pinned Pratt truss

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