List of Bridges On The National Register of Historic Places in Massachusetts

This is a list of bridges and tunnels on the National Register of Historic Places in the U.S. state of Massachusetts.

Name Image Built Listed Location County Type
Annisquam Bridge 1861, 1896, 1961 1983-06-23 Gloucester
Essex Wood pile type
Atherton Bridge 1870 1979-09-19 Lancaster
Worcester single span Pony/Post Truss
Bardwell's Ferry Bridge 1882 2000-02-10 Conway
Bartlett's Bridge 1889 2000-02-10 Oxford
Bissell Bridge 2004-02-26 Charlemont
Franklin Long Through Truss
Blackstone Viaduct 1872, 1918 2002-02-05 Blackstone
Burkeville Covered Bridge 1870, 1871 1988-09-09 Conway
Franklin Multiple kingrod truss
Canton Viaduct 1834 1984-09-20 Canton
Carpenter Bridge 1873 1983-06-06 Rehoboth
Choate Bridge 1764 1972-08-21 Ipswich
Essex Double stone arch (oldest bridge in the country of its type)
Coleman Bridge 1894 !by 1894 2000-02-18 Windsor
Berkshire Ball-patent Pipe Bridge
Crossman Bridge 1888 2010-12-27 Warren
Worcester One the state's few surviving lenticular pony truss bridge
Deerfield River Bridge 1890 1988-01-28 Shelburne, Buckland
Franklin A contributing element of the Shelburne Falls Historic District.
Double-arch Sandstone Bridge 1835 1984-06-20 Methuen
Essex Mortarless twin arch
Echo Bridge 1877 !1876, 1877 1980-04-09 Needham, Newton
Middlesex, Norfolk
Eliot Memorial Bridge 1905 1980-09-25 Milton
Bridge of Flowers 1905 1988-01-28 Shelburne, Buckland
Franklin A contributing element of the Shelburne Falls Historic District.
Golden Hill Bridge 1994-02-09 Lee
Granite Keystone Bridge 1872 1981-08-27 Rockport
Essex Pratt truss
Harris Street Bridge 1887 1984-07-05 Taunton
Bristol Pratt Truss
Hoosac Tunnel 1854, 1862, 1875 1973-11-02 North Adams
Linden Street Bridge 1894 1989-09-28 Waltham
Medford Pipe Bridge 1897, 1898 1990-01-18 Medford
Middlefield-Becket Stone Arch Railroad Bridge District 1840, ca. 1866, 1912 1980-04-11 Becket, Chester, Middlefield
Berkshire, Hampden, Hampshire
Needham Street Bridge 1875 1986-09-04 Needham, Newton
Middlesex, Norfolk Stone-arch bridge
Newton Street Bridge 1877 1989-09-28 Waltham
Middlesex Triple-arch stone bridge
Old Covered Bridge 1837, 1838 1978-11-24 Sheffield
Berkshire Town Lattice Truss Bridge
Old Town Bridge 1848 1975-05-02 Wayland
Middlesex Stone arch bridge
Paul's Bridge 1849, ca. 1935 1972-12-11 Boston, Milton
Norfolk, Suffolk
Ponakin Bridge 1871 1979-09-10 Lancaster
Worcester Post Through Truss
Quinepoxet River Bridge 1903 1990-04-08 West Boylston
Arthur A. Smith Covered Bridge 1868, 1870, 1896 1983-02-03 Colrain
Franklin Burr arch truss system
Waban Arches Bridge 1875 1991-01-18 Wellesley
Norfolk Part of the Sudbury Aqueduct Linear District; this bridge carries the aqueduct over Waban Brook.
Wachusett Aqueduct 1896 1991-01-18 Southborough
Worcester The Wachusett Aqueduct is carried over at least one bridge, and a number of bridges carrying roads (or former roads) over the aqueduct's open channel are contributing structures to its listing on the National Register. The pictured bridge carries Deerfoot Road over the open channel.
Walden Street Cattle Pass 1857, 1869 1994-06-03 Cambridge
Ware-Hardwick Covered Bridge 1886 1986-05-08 Hardwick, Ware
Hampshire, Worcester Town lattice truss

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