List of Blueberry Characters - Recurring Characters

Recurring Characters

Angel Face is a serial killer and young handsome man hired to assassinate President Grant. Blueberry damaged much of his face by putting it in a fire. Angel Face then promised to do the same to him. He was finally killed by Blueberry in an intense duel. (appears in 3 albums)

Wally Blunt, with his mate and partner Cole Timbley, was a smart serial killer. Searching for the golden mine of the Superstition Mountains, he chased Prosit Luckner and force him to led him at the mine but he was killed by a snake put by Prosit in his boot. (appears in 2 albums)

Captain Finley is a former Confederate officer. Instead of surrendering, he fled to Mexique where he looted with his band. In 1868, he helped Blueberry destroying a Mexican convoy of arms destined to the Apaches, contributing to establish peace again. In 1869, searching for the Confederate treasury, he became Blueberry's rival but was killed. (appears in 5 albums)

Chihuahua Pearl is a former chorus girl. She was wooed by Lopez, a prison governor, and was ready to marry him for money. However, she became more interested in the treasury of the Confederates and occasionally was allied with Blueberry. Blueberry later fell in love with her but did not succeeded in marrying her. (appears in 5 albums)

Chini is Cochise's daughter. Vittorio and Blueberry engaged in a hard competition to marry her in order to succeed Cochise. She played an important role during the move of her tribe to Mexique in the winter of 1871/1872. (appears in 3 albums)

Cochise is the chief of the Navajo tribe. In 1867, he waged war against the American army after it imprisoned several Indian chiefs. Trusting Blueberry who urged him to sign peace, he finally accepted it. In 1870, he adopted Blueberry, wanted as an outlaw, into his tribe. He died in 1872 after his tribe reached the Mexican territory. (appears in 5 albums)

Crowe is a sergeant in the American Army at Fort Navajo. Of Indian origin, he is hated by Major Balcom. He deserted from the army during the war against the Indians in 1868 and set free many imprisoned Indian chiefs. He then helped Blueberry achieve peace with Cochise for which he was killed by Aigle Solitaire. (appears in 4 albums)

General Allister, determined to exterminate Indian tribes, was sent by Washington to subjugate Indians in 1867. He could not prevent the peace from being signed. Later, he tried to assassinate President Grant. He was killed by Blueberry after making a last attempt on Grant's life. (appears in 3 albums)

General Dodge has always been a strong supporter of Blueberry. He notably helped in his rehabilitation. He entrusted him with the mission of avoiding a war with Indians in 1868 at a time when he headed the Union Pacific railroad. (appears in 6 albums)

Jethro Diamond "Steelfinger" is an outlaw. His nickname came from the steel hand he used after his real hand was cut off by Indians. He was hired by the Central Pacific railroad to block Union Pacific's advance. He slaughtered bison with his band and blamed this crime on Union Pacific members to trigger a war with the Indians. He succeeded in making the Sioux and Cheyennes wage war against whites in 1868. After peace was achieved, he was finally killed by Sitting Bull in a duel. (appears in 3 albums)

Lieutenant Graig is the son of General Graig. Inexperienced, he was caught by Indians during the war and then set free by Blueberry. He then helped Blueberry achieved peace by defending and supporting him. (appears in 4 albums)

Guffie Palmer is an actress and the manager of the most famous American theater troupe in the late 1860s. Jethro Steelfinger robbed her of her money in 1858 after he had promised her they would get married. Blueberry saved her from the Indians during the war in 1868. In 1869, they met again, when Guffie saved Mike near the Superstition Mountains in the desert. In 1870, Blueberry sought refuge at Santa Fe where she were living. Abandoned, Guffie is unwillingly part of a band of criminals who search for the would-be assassins of President Grant. She succeeded in saving the latter, who once had been her lover, but lost her life at the same time. (appears in 4 albums)

Lone Eagle, a cruel Indian determined to defeat the whites, he did his best to urge Indians to wage war in 1868. He succeeded in being hired by the American Army. One of Blueberry's greatest enemies, he killed Crowe, an American officer of Indian origin and Mike's friend, and promised to also kill Blueberry. The latter finally defeated and killed him in a memorable duel. (appears in 3 albums)

Prosit Luckner is a German prospector who believes in the existence of a golden mine in the Superstition Mountains. He finally found the mine but Blueberry prevented him profiting from it and sent him in jail. He achieved his aim by killing many of his partners. (appears in 2 albums)

Vigo is a Mexican commandante. He was ordered by his government to find out the treasure hidden in Mexique by the Confederates at the end of the Civil War. Then he was searched for by Blueberry because he was the only man who could prove his innocence. Committed suicide after contracting gangrene from a knife wound in the back. (appears in 4 albums)

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