List of Bills Sponsored By Barack Obama in The United States Senate

List Of Bills Sponsored By Barack Obama In The United States Senate

Barack Obama sponsored 137 bills from 4 Jan 2005 until 16 November 2008. Two became law. This figure does not include bills to which Obama contributed as cosponsor, such as the Coburn-Obama Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 or the Lugar-Nunn Cooperative Proliferation Detection, Interdiction Assistance, and Conventional Threat Reduction Act of 2006. Nor does it include amendments to other bills, although in the Senate these are not required to be germane to the parent bill and can therefore effectively be bills in their own right. During the same time period, Obama has co-sponsored 689 bills in total; 408 of which had secured his support by the day they were originally introduced in the Senate.

Years covered All bills sponsored All amendments sponsored All bills cosponsored All amendments cosponsored Original bills cosponsored Original amendments cosponsored
2007-08 71 59 434 116 247 81
2005-06 66 86 255 172 161 125

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List Of Bills Sponsored By Barack Obama In The United States Senate - Table
... Also, these bills were not exclusively created nor singularly supported by Barack Obama ... The status of Obama's bills and resolutions as noted in the below table is in accordance with ... Introduced in the Senate (IS) refers to bills pending approval in committee ...

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