List of Barack Obama Presidential Campaign Endorsements From State, Local and Territory Officials, 2 - North Dakota

North Dakota

  • North Dakota State Sen. Art Behm (D-Niagara)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Tom Fiebiger (D-Fargo)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Joan Heckaman (D-New Rockford)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Joel Heitkamp (D-Hankinson)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Aaron Krauter (D-Regent)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Richard Marcellais (D-Belcourt)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Carolyn Nelson (D-Fargo), Assistant Minority Leader
  • North Dakota State Sen. David O'Connell (D-Lansford), Minority Leader
  • North Dakota State Sen. Jim Pomeroy (D-Fargo)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Tracy Potter (D-Bismarck)
  • North Dakota State Sen. Ryan Taylor (D-Towner)
  • North Dakota State Sen. John Warner (D-Ryder)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Tracy Boe (D-Milo)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Mary Ekstrom (D-Fargo)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Rod Froelich (D-Selfridge)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Eliot Glassheim (D-Grand Forks)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Chris Griffin (D-Larimore)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Ed Gruchalla (D-Fargo)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Pam Gulleson (D-Rutland)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Lyle Hanson (D-Jamestown)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Scot Kelsh (D-Fargo)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Joe Kroeber (D-Jamestown)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Ralph Metcalf (D-Valley City)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Louis Pinkerton (D-Minot)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Arlo Schmidt (D-Maddock)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Jasper Schneider (D-Fargo)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Dorvan Solberg (D-Ray)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Lisa Wolf (D-Minot)
  • North Dakota State Rep. Steve Zaiser (D-Fargo)

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