List of Bamboo Blade Characters - Kawazoe Douzyou Pupil

Kawazoe Douzyou Pupil

Sakaguchi (坂口?)
Voiced by: Takashi Nagasako (Japanese), R Bruce Elliott (English)
Sakaguchi is the owner of the kendo equipment shop that Kojirō takes his kendo team to for purchasing equipment. While Sakaguchi's kendo skills are only seen in a series of flashbacks in the anime, it is apparent that he is incredibly skilled at kendo, strong enough to make all of the members of Kojirō's team complain about him. He has a fondness for mochi, although Kojirō's kendo team tends to eat all of Sakaguchi's mochi during their visits to his shop. He is also, as Kojirō puts it, "very competitive".
Uchimura (内村, Uchimura?)

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