List of Ballykissangel Episodes - Series Three (1998)

Series Three (1998)

Title Airdate Description
As Happy as a Turkey on Boxing Day 21 December 1997 Everyone's Christmas plans fall apart when Padraig's son, Kevin, falls down a mine shaft. Peter is chosen by Fr Mac to entertain his nephew Timmy.
When a Child is Born 1 March 1998 With the birth of Niamh's baby approaching, Ambrose's mother arrives to help. The village is in a frenzy when it appears a 'miracle' may have occurred in the church, which attracts a crowd of visitors. Padraig becomes a village news reporter, and Ambrose helps Niamh deliver her baby.
Changing Times 8 March 1998 Brian's latest venture to attract Korean investors involves bulldozing a local beauty spot. Fr Clifford reaches a critical impasse and makes a fateful decision.
Stardust in Your Eyes 15 March 1998 Quigley tries to impress a group of potential Korean investors, but no Irish band is available to entertain them. With Assumpta in Dublin, Niamh struggles to balance work in the pub with the demands of motherhood.
The Fortune in Men's Eyes 22 March 1998 When Ambrose's mother arrives to help care for baby Kieran, Quigley takes an unusual interest in her.
I Know When I'm Not Wanted 29 March 1998 Assumpta returns to Ballyk with her new husband Leo and finds Fr Clifford organizing a pub contest.
Personal Call 5 April 1998 Fr Mac falls ill, Assumpta's marriage deteriorates, and Quigley's financial situation worsens.
Lost Sheep 12 April 1998 Siobhan receives unexpected news that she is pregnant. Kathleen is inexplicably horrified when a mysterious young woman arrives in town searching for her older sister who had lived there 20 years ago. Eamon's wandering sheep become a hazard.
The Waiting Game 19 April 1998 While the population of Ballykissangel is obsessed with an anonymous lottery winner, Ambrose goes undercover to catch an infamous drug dealer.
Pack up Your Troubles 26 April 1998 Quigley launches a new venture.
The Reckoning 3 May 1998 The town is caught up in a Chinese cooking competition when circumstances finally push Peter to confess his feelings to Assumpta.
Amongst Friends 4 May 1998 In the wake of disaster, Peter and Leo have a confrontation. Peter decides to leave Ballyk.

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