List of Axis Named Operations in The European Theatre - 1945


  • Operation Bergwind 1945 - Axis anti-partisan operation at the Moslavacka Mountains southeast of Zagreb in the Independent State of Croatia
  • Operation Frühlingssturm 1945 - Axis anti-partisan operation along the Danube River in the Independent State of Croatia
  • Operation Konrad 1945 - Axis attack near Budapest, Hungary to relieve the surrounded city
  • Operation Lawine 1945 - Axis anti-partisan operation in the Lašva Valley and Travnik the Independent State of Croatia
  • Operation Caesar 1945 - Failed transfer of technical design plans and strategic materials from Germany to Japan, using submarine U-864
  • Operation Aktion 24 1945 - German aborted planned suicide aerial attack on bridges over river Weichsel in attempt to disrupt Soviet supply lines
  • Operation Alpenfestung 1945 - German plan for a redoubt in the German Alps
  • Operation Birkhahn 1945 - German evacuation of Norway
  • Operation Bodenplatte 1945 - German air raid against Allied airbases in the Netherlands and Belgium in support of Wacht am Rhein
  • Operation Clausewitz 1945 - German defense plan for the city of Berlin.
  • Operation Freiheit 1945 - German destruction of a bridge on the Oder River
  • Operation Frühlingserwachen 1945 - German counter-offensive against Soviet troops near Budapest, Hungary
  • Operation Gertraud 1945 - German planned aerial bombing of hydropower plants east of Moscow, USSR
  • Operation Hannibal 1945 - German evacuation of East Prussia, Germany
  • Operation Hermann 1945 - German attack on British air units in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • Operation Maigewitter 1945 - German anti-partisan operation in Tuzla in Bosnia, Yugoslavia
  • Operation Nordwind 1945 - German offensive in Alsace and Lorraine in north-eastern France in conjunction with Wacht am Rhein
  • Operation Regenbogen 1945 - German rescinded planned order to scuttle German ships at the end of the war
  • Operation Regenwurm 1945 - German plan to move V-2 rockets to avoid Allied air strikes
  • Operation Schneeman 1945 - German offensive in the Netherlands in conjunction with Wacht am Rhein
  • Operation Sonnenwende 1945 - German attack of Soviet troops in Choszczno, Pomerania, Germany
  • Operation Südwind 1945 - German counter-offensive from Esztergom, Hungary
  • Operation Waldteufel 1945 - German anti-partisan operation in Budapest, Hungary
  • Operation Werewolf 1945 - German anti-partisan operation in Croatia, Yugoslavia
  • Operation Werewolf 1945 - German fighter deployment against Allied bombing
  • Operation Zahnarzt 1945 - German operation in the area of Molsheim, France and Zabern, Germany

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