List of Amateur Radio Frequency Bands in India - Licence Categories - Grade II

Grade II

The Amateur Wireless Telegraph Station Licence, Grade–II licence requires the same scores as the Grade II Restricted, and in addition a demonstration of proficiency in sending and receiving Morse code at five words a minute. The minimum age is 12 years. The licence allows the user to make radiotelegraphy (Morse code) and radiotelephony transmission in 11 frequency bands. The maximum power allowed is 50 W.

A Grade II licence holder can only be authorized the use of radio telephony emission on frequency bands below 30 MHz on submission of proof that 100 contacts have been made with other amateur operators using CW (Morse code).

Band Frequency (MHz) Wavelength Type Emission Power (W)
6 1.820–1.860 160 m MF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 3.500–3.700 80 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 3.890–3.900 80 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 7.000–7.100 40 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 14.000–14.350 20 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 18.068–18.168 17 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 21.000–21.450 15 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 24.890–24.990 12 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
7 28.000–29.700 10 m HF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 50
8 144–146 2 m VHF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 10
9 434–438 70 cm UHF A1A, A2A, A3E, H3E, J3E, R3E 10

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