List of Alleged Extraterrestrial Beings - The List

The List

Name Description Image
  • Also called "Mirrored People" or "Glass People"
Bipedal energy beings slightly larger than humans.
Flatwoods monster Tall humanoid with a spade-shaped head
  • Also called "Zetas" or "Zeta Reticulians"
Grey-skinned humanoids, usually small
Hairy dwarfs Short, hairy humanoids
Hopkinsville goblin Small, greenish-silver humanoids
Little green men Diminutive green humanoids
Nordic aliens
  • Sometimes called Space Brothers
  • Includes Pleiadeans/Plejarens
  • Includes Venusians
Reptilians Tall, scaly humanoids
Sirians Humanoid/Aquatic
Tall Whites Tall, pasty-white humanoids

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