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Roth Family

Morris and Judith Roth are the only Jewish residents of uptime Grantville. Stearns solicits shelter for the two Abrabanels in the Roth home during the aftermath of the Battle of the farm house. Although the Roths do not keep a kosher orthodox home, Judith welcomes the Abrabanels and makes them comfortable. The alliance between the down-timer Scots cavalry unit and the up-timers is agreed in the Roth's living room, and their kitchen and one of its large tables becomes the war room where the two sides plan out a campaign to protect southern Thuringia from Count Tilly's approaching Catholic forces. In "The Wallenstein Gambit", Morris is coerced into cooperating with Albrecht Wallenstein in Prague in hopes of averting a future he dreads: an OTL Jewish massacre years hence. Judith is the first to understand the upper class role and lifestyle they must portray in Prague, forcing Morris whenever possible to play his role, and realizing that the Jewish servants they are required to employ are continually carrying tales of their conduct and ideas back to the ghetto. When Wallenstein and his army is away in fighting in "Second Battle of White Mountain", the city is attacked, Morris is surprised to find something of a hero inside himself in leading the Jewish and Prague's citizens in successfully defending against Habsburg forces. The Roths also play a major role in The Anaconda Project novel.

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