Liquid Water Content

The liquid water content (LWC) is the measure of the mass of the water in a cloud in a specified amount of dry air. It is typically measured per volume of air (g/m3) or mass of air (g/kg). (Bohren, 1998). This variable is important in figuring out which types of clouds are likely to form and is strongly linked to three other cloud microphysical variables: the cloud drop effective radius, the cloud drop number concentration, and the cloud drop size distribution. (Wallace, 2006). Being able to determine the cloud formations that are likely to occur is extremely useful for weather forecasting as cumulonimbus clouds are related to thunderstorms and heavy rain whereas cirrus clouds are not directly associated with precipitation.

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Liquid Water Content - Equations/relations - Cloud Chamber
... (Thompson, 2007) Mw is the mass of the water in the cloud chamber and Vc is the volume of the cloud chamber ... Obtaining the mass of the liquid water in the cloud chamber is possible through an equation involving the latent heat of condensation ... equation above, Lc(T) is the latent heat of condensation of water at temperature T, ma is the mass of the air in the cloud chamber, cp is the specific heat of dry air at constant pressure and is the change in the ...

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