Liquid Foams

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Polyurethane - Chemistry
... Commercially, polyurethanes are produced by reacting a liquid isocyanate with a liquid blend of polyols, catalyst, and other additives ... One of the most desirable attributes of polyurethanes is their ability to be turned into foam ... on the properties of the polyurethane foam ...
Applications - Liquid Foams
... Liquid foams can be used in fire retardant foam, such as those that are used in extinguishing fires, especially oil fires ... In some ways, leavened bread is a foam, as the yeast causes the bread to rise by producing tiny bubbles of gas in the dough ... Ideally, the dough is a closed-cell foam, in which the gas pockets do not connect with each other ...

Famous quotes containing the words foams and/or liquid:

    This fantastic state of mind, of a humanity that has outrun its ideas, is matched by a political scene in the grotesque style, with Salvation Army methods, hallelujahs and bell-ringing and dervishlike repetition of monotonous catchwords, until everybody foams at the mouth. Fanaticism turns into a means of salvation, enthusiasm into epileptic ecstacy, politics becomes an opiate for the masses, a proletarian eschatology; and reason veils her face.
    Thomas Mann (1875–1955)

    Don’t forget the Dance Halls
    Warwick and Savoy,
    Where he picked his women, where
    He drank his liquid joy.
    Gwendolyn Brooks (b. 1917)